How to make steamed modak? ukadiche modak recipe. And 10 best versions of modern modak

BySaksham Dhiman
 Ukadiche Modak or steamed Modak recipe with the easiest and quickest step by step description in graphics. Classic steamed modaks are the most popular and common modak variety made during Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. And this year 25 August to September 2017 experiment with 10 more modern variety of Modak.

steamed modakImage Courtsey- Siddhesh Kumbhar

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all my readers, May Lord Ganesha bestow upon you all the success and luck. Ganesh pooja is a festival that I have grown watching and celebrating with friends and family.It is a 10 day festival celebrated not just in the Indian state of Maharashtra but in Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Chattisghar and Tamil Nadu and world over by Hindu believers.  

All these states share almost the same procedure of pooja and ceremonies. By welcoming clay idol of lord Ganesha in homes and communities, chanting vedic hymns during pooja, offering prasadam after daily prayers. Making sweets and modaks. On 10th day an end to festivities is marked public processions and huge community parties, when deities request Lord Ganesh to return early next year and immerse his idol in a water body.

If that makes you wonder why modak becomes so important during this fest, well then you should know that Modak is considered favourite sweet of Ganapati Bapa. Hence all Hindu families celebrating this fest make 21 modaks as prasada/offering for God Shiva’s son Lord Ganapati who is considered lord of auspiciousness. That is why all Hindu’s begin every task with his name.

Ganesh chaturthi pooja

Today as well I see other kids waiting for pooja to end so that they can feast on modak and all things good that come with this beautiful festival. Whereas now I wait for two things the awesome 10th day when Mumbai city parties like there is no tomorrow with procession of most beautiful and creative idols of lord Ganraj, some idols can be as tall as 20 ft or more and no points for guessing my second fav thing Maharashtrian Modak.

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10 Best modern version of Modak

Before we head to the classic modak recipe, I want to introduce you to-how modak has adapted to various pallets and experiments. People have tried and mixed various combinations with classic modak giving us varieties that we cannot stop ourselves from mentioning and may be for you to explore. So go ahead and mix chocolate, dry fruits, saffron and more to find your favourite type.

10 modern variety of modak 

Easy Step by step recipe of Classic modak or steamed modak or ukadiche modak

Important note- If you are making modak for nivediyam  or offering please refrain from tasting while making it.

steamed modak recipe

Ganpati Bapa Maurya agle varsh tu jaldi aa!! (Lord Ganpati next year come to us early!!)

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