Importance Of Sabudana in Navratri. Why We Eat, What We Eat!


Image Credit-Pooja Rani By- Pihla Hakola Importance of Sabudana in Navratri?, 9 Sabudana fast/vrat dishes and sabudana Khichdi recipe-Autumn is here and so are festivities. Sharad Navratri or Navratri in autumn is an auspicious 9 day Hindu festival, celebrated in almost all the states of India and predominantly in Northern … more…

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17 Lip Smacking Momos That Will Make You Go Mmm..


By– Saksham Dhiman One food item, that I can eat anytime is Momos or Dumplings. Northeastern states of India have gifted these small bundles of joy to the rest of the country. And with time many fusion version of this dumpling have come to our plate, which are lovingly enjoyed by people … more…

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