The Insiders Guide to 99 Dosa’s

99 Dosa are ruling city foodies !!

Well, the 99 varieties of Dosa is a fast moving, delicious, yummy choice amongst the street food stalls, in the recent years. Well before food trucks became popular, these Dosa stalls were in fact food trucks, at a smaller scale. The stalls starts to operate at the break of dawn till late nights, dishing up varieties of Dosa. Though, no one knows the origins of these mushrooming stalls. There are write-ups that state it all began in Bengaluru to serve the non-south Indian crowd, and others on origins in Mumbai. Brushing it away, as a Foodie, relishing the mouth-watering, happy tummy dish is all that matters!!

What you see you get…

The menu card is a list of varieties of Dosa, spoiling the customer with choice. Popular varieties to name a few like, Palak Paneer Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa, Pav Bhaji Dosa… One can find Chinese Dosa as well, viz., noodles Dosa, Schwan noodles Dosa and the list goes on. To sum up, it’s a Secular menu, with varieties included from the North, the South, the West and the East.

dosa and sambhar

The Dosa studio

kitchen is the small truck itself. Typically, such a stall will have 3 individual stoves of charcoal. Each stove with a large Tawa, made of Kadapa Stone. The kitchen is set up with getting the charcoal to burn first. Then the rest of the cooking aides like the cheese, noodles, masala powders like chilli, chat, jeera, finely cut veggies, 2 types of chutney, plates to serve, with 2 or 3 menu cards placed at easy reach of buyers, gets laid up.

A special mention on the Dosa batter here. The batter used to cook up these delicious variations looks a tad bit different from the typical south Indian Dosa batter, which is prepared with Rice and UradDal. Haven’t carried out a research on the batter though. Stick around and will get back on that in my next write up.  

The Preparation

Upon an order, a small amount of the batter is poured on the middle of the Tawa with a ladle, spreading it evenly until the entire Tawa is covered. Immediately, the necessary topping gets started to be added on the top. If the order is for a chilli cheese Dosa, then the green chilli chutney goes first. Then a generous amount of cheese gets grated on top of it. Then goes in the secret tastemakers, hush’-which only the cook knows. Once the Dosa is cooked, which is cooked on only one side, is rolled up nicely, made into 2 halves and served with 2 types of Chutney.

When there are multiple orders, all the 3 stoves will be active at a single time, with different toppings going on each of them. It’s a pleasure to watch the preparation, the finesse with which the cook doles out these. Approximately, each Dosa takes about 15 mins to be prepared.

rawa dosa
Rawa dosa


Groups visiting such stalls can be seen ordering different types of Dosa, sharing, tasting, bonding, and having a good laugh. One Dosa, if had in full, is a stomach full for an average eater.

So folks, next time you hit upon such a stall or get an opportunity to taste, DO NOT MISS. Relish the sumptuous Dosa, the varieties and bond with your buddies.

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