17 Lip Smacking Momos That Will Make You Go Mmm..

By– Saksham Dhiman

One food item, that I can eat anytime is Momos or Dumplings. Northeastern states of India have gifted these small bundles of joy to the rest of the country. And with time many fusion version of this dumpling have come to our plate, which are lovingly enjoyed by people all over the country. Especially Delhi has a soft spot, much so that many Dumpling fests are held in National Capital region.

I love them so much, that I am so tempted to describe my taste buds craving for Momos in the cheesiest phrases possible.

They are so yummy… Oh so Yummy…


All over Delhi in various markets be it small, big, old, new or in malls we find these small white balls of joy steaming hot. We find these cane utensils sitting pretty with my precious dumplings.

How are Dumplings made?

  • A filling is prepared with garlic, cauliflower, carrot, spring onion, onion and sometimes paneer.
  • All these ingredients are tossed in a pan with minimal oil and seasoning.
  • As simple as this, then with all purpose flour and some luke warm water or milk a dough is prepared which is further made small balls.
  • This small ball is rolled into a very thin sheet.
  • this sheet is filled with required filling and then all corners are joined together to give it a that pretty dumpling shape.
  • Put these dumpling peaces in cane steamer for 10-15 min.
  • Serve them with hot chilli chutney.

Ps. there are many varieties to the filling. It can also be made with a non veg filling like chicken or pork. Herbs and ingredients can also vary as per state of origin.

momos steamer


A vendors preparation boxes full of dumplings, mayo and chilli garlic sauce on display.

Now that you know how to make them. Lets play a little with them and improve your Momos IQ as I say. To give you variations of this simple delicacy and know about 17 Dumplings varieties. Here we go..Let the momo magic begin..

1.Steamed Momos

Shaped as half moon or bundles these are filled with seasonal vegetables and steamed. Best enjoyed on a winter evening.

2.Schezwan Momos

Toss few steamed dumplings in a frying pan and add schezwan sauce. And garnish with some finely chopped cilantro.


Schezwan dumpling and cream glazed dumplings.

3.Cream sauce glazed Momos

Steamed dumplings are coated in a concoction of cream, spices, lemon juice and herbs later garnished with cilantro. Served with mayo and red chilli sauce.

4.Chocolate momos

These chocolate filled treats are not exactly sweet as dumpling covers are have salt in it balancing the sweet and bitter taste of chocolate.

5.Soup Momos

These are comparatively smaller than usual dumplings making it easy to be dunked in soups and enjoyed.

6.Cheese Momos

Cheese filled which melts on steaming and is piping hot to be relished with that tangy chilli sauce.

7.Fried Momos

Deep frying dumplings which turn the outer covering crispy and crunchy. Best enjoyed with chilli garlic sauce.

8.Kothe Dumplings

A Tibetian variety of dumplings filled with port or veges or chicken and are shallow fried in a pan.

9.Chilli Momos

Steamed dumplings are coated in a mix of soy, chilli and tomato sauce. Where as other variety of it is made to look like chillis and is filled with extremely spicy filling.

chilli momos

green chilli momos

10.Paneer Momos

Dumpling filling is paneer dominant. This is a very famous variety in old Delhi markets.

11.Keema Momos

Marinated minced meat and medium fried peas are filled in dumplings. A must have.

12.Chicken Momos

Dumplings filled with tender Chicken which is very moist and tasty. Best enjoyed with Chilli garlic sauce.

13.Tandoory Momos

Dumplings are marinate and roasted in a Tandoor or Indian oven on and served with onion and mint chutney.

tandoori momos

Tandoori dumplings 

14.Sweet dumplings

Are nothing but Modak from Maharashra. Modak are filled with sweet filling and dry fruits. Its a craze during Ganesh Chaturthy fest. Do read my article on Modak.

steamed modak

Image credit-Sidhesh Kumbhar

15.Wheat Momos

This type is has a outer covering made from wheat flour instead of all purpose flour. Its very much liked by people who are health conscious or dieting since wheat is unprocessed version of all purpose flour rich in many nutrients.

16.Shogo shabril momos

A fav among bongs is filled with potato and meat. And served with mint and chilli chutney.

17.Veg Momos

This Variety has a filling of only vegetables or seasonal vegetables when clubbed with freshly ground spices is a great mix of crunch and flavour.

18. Soya Momos

Filled with soya granules and spices is an extremely healthy option. momoMmmmm…Mmmm…


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  1. On my next trip to India, I will be trying all of them. I have heard a lot about Indian Tandoori dumplings back home. To be honest can’t wait to taste.

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