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My friends and I like to meet once every month. As everyone is busy these it becomes an effort to take time out. Believe me its an effort worth making, these meetings will always leave you rejuvenated from professional and personal stress and leave you with new idea crafted on a cup of coffee with like-minded company. So we always like to hang out at this one particular cosy cafe right in the heart of Delhi.

Cafe Turtle

Before we get into the food I want to take you on a tour of this cosy nook in Khan Market that makes us go there every time we are in this market. When you reach the entry point all you get to see is a very small staircase and reach the first floor, that is when you expect the unexpected-You are in a bookstore, wait wasn’t it suppose to be an eatery? don’t judge the book by its cover yet. You are at the right place may be holding the right book.

full circle book store

This cafe has a bookstore by the name Full circle. Which surely sets the mode and if you are a book lover so much so that developing a relationship with Kindle is a task then you are going to love it. To my surprise, I have ended up getting my favourite author’s signed copy. I also stumbled upon a few rare books. I found a book on Indian Spirits a myth was broken guess what “Gin” was a gift of India to the world of sophisticated Alcohol well to my shame I dint know that. Extremely rich with rare and latest collection of books at one place. This store offers you a variety to keep your little one occupiesd when you enjoy your me time.

cafe turtle

Now that you have your book in hand head for the staircase that leads to 2nd floor decorated with industrial Chandelier. Now you are welcomed with hues of blue and green. It’s warm and welcoming cafe with not more than ten tables. A terrace to enjoy sunsets.

cafe turtle

Whats on Menu?

They have a unique blend of beverages on their menu. Varieties of coffees like Cafe Latte, Expresso, cappuccino, Ristretto, Machhiato, Mocha and more but I love my home brewed south Indian filter coffee with an uber-strong smell and they serve that too. And it was just the hot part we covered there is more in cold coffee section of this brilliant coffee menu.

Cafe turtle has an impressive collection of Tea – What caught me here was the “Kahwa” a Kashmiri speciality tea rare to find in other parts of the country. A tea with salt in it that it becomes difficult to make it taste authentic. Believe me, it tastes authentic enough because many Kashmiris come here just for this tea.

They have a vegetarian menu and make a point in serving you fresh seasonal produce. Cafe has a great range of cold soups like pumpkin and pesto soups. Starters and small bites of bruschetta, Lebanese platter, nachos and more.
I really enjoyed salads and sandwiches. Which makes you feel green is the new cheese. While mains compromises of Quiche, wraps, quesadilla and more.

greek salad

All of this is balanced by great traditional oven cooked Pizza and pasta. While I have stuffed myself with all things tasty and got no more energy I hear cakes-Gooey Chocolate Cake, Apple Cinnamon Cake, Spiced Carrot, Lemon Cheese, Banana Walnut. “Yum” is all my mouth can muster to say and stuff it with cakes.


chocolate cake

Apart from all the above decadent food they also serve farm fresh juices and shakes. To clean your palette and detox. But one thing I go back to this place for is the warm and comforting glass of Hot Apple cider. A drink that I highly recommend for you to try.

apple cider

This cafe is in three locations in Delhi first being Khan Market, Greater Kailash and Nizamuddin East. They are also known to organize reading sessions and art events so watch out for them.

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