Love for South Indian delicacies in Vedio and images

idli sambhar

If you love watching the process of making South Indian dishes, then you are at the right place. If you love to stand and watch all the orders getting ready even though your order is still long to be prepared just for the joy of watching that dosa getting plastered … more…

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Rosogulla is Bengali and not Odiya! Confirms GI


Tuesday saw the end of a bitter battle of two and half years for the sweetest thing in the country- Rosogulla. Two prominent Indian states Bengal and Odisha had been on loggerheads fighting over Geographical Indications (GI) registration since 2015. The issue is resolved under GI act which recognises a product … more…

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Diwali Festival Food-21 You Must Eat

Diwali food list

By- Ruchika Singh Gupta Diwali, an Indian festival celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jain alike. It is a five-day celebration and every day signifies some valuable teachings of life.Diwali is a festival of light, fireworks and togetherness. Reminding us of all those people with whom we want to share joys of … more…

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Importance Of Sabudana in Navratri. Why We Eat, What We Eat!


Image Credit-Pooja Rani By- Pihla Hakola Importance of Sabudana in Navratri?, 9 Sabudana fast/vrat dishes and sabudana Khichdi recipe-Autumn is here and so are festivities. Sharad Navratri or Navratri in autumn is an auspicious 9 day Hindu festival, celebrated in almost all the states of India and predominantly in Northern … more…

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17 Lip Smacking Momos That Will Make You Go Mmm..


By– Saksham Dhiman One food item, that I can eat anytime is Momos or Dumplings. Northeastern states of India have gifted these small bundles of joy to the rest of the country. And with time many fusion version of this dumpling have come to our plate, which are lovingly enjoyed by people … more…

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Partition Changed India’s Food Cultures Forever

Moti mahal restaurant

The older cuisines like Mughlai faded away and in their place came the robust makhni gravy and tandoori dishes Four generations of the Gujrals: Kundan Lal Gujral (the founder of Moti Mahalwith his wife, Prakash Devi, holding their grandson, Monish. Standing next to Prakash Devi is daughter-in-law, Rupa; and Kundan … more…

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Grandmother’s curry recipes inspire chain of NZ Little India restaurants

Little India restaurant chef team

By-NEIL HODGSON Mani Rai, owner operator of Little India in Nelson, one of 18 restaurants in the New Zealand chain which began in Dunedin in 1991.  In the UK, Indian takeaway food is so popular people joke about curry being the national dish. In the Nelson region we only have … more…

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Will momo’s be off my plate?

A legislator from India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has declared war on a popular street snack, to general public bewilderment. Momos, steamed meat or vegetable dumplings, are often associated with Tibetan and Nepali cuisine. Ramesh Arora, from Indian-administered Kashmir, wants them banned for causing “life-threatening diseases”. He says they … more…

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How Entrepreneur Payal Saha Launched a Successful Indian Fast Food Company -Startups, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Culture

By-YFS-author When Payal Saha first moved to the United States from India, she quickly realized that something was missing. She had grown to love the street foods of her hometown in Kolkata. So much so, that she thought, “if I missed it so much, other people must too,” said Saha. … more…

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The best of Holi food 

By-Baya Agarwal (Lonely Planet Author) Gujiya, an all-time Holi favourite Image courtesy: Flickr/Paul Goyette/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 When we talk about festivals in India, due attention must also be given to the plates and plates of scrumptious food available during this time. The riot of colours called Holi, is no different. … more…

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Review: Veg Out! at Wharf Chambers | Leeds-List

The Leeds Loves Food Festival wouldn’t be complete without something for the veggie community, and the Veg Out! day at Wharf Chambers certainly delivered.Although slightly dubious about bringing my meat eating and very hungry boyfriend to a vegetarian food festival, after the first mouthful of Manjit’s Kitchen’s speciality, I realised … more…

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Why India is a nation of foodies

By-Ritu Agarwal, who is a lifestyle journalist with over 20 years of experience with mainstream media houses Food and family are possibly India’s two biggest obsessions. The two define our identity and our personality to the point of both ridicule and delight, writes Ritu Agarwal .For many Indians, “sitting down” … more…

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About street food!!

  What is street food??  Street foods Prepared or cooked food sold by vendors in a street or other public location for immediate consumption.-Oxford Dictionary. Noteworthy a ready to eat food or drink you get on streets or other public places. Currently this food type has crossed borders of its … more…

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