City that has no time to sit and eat!!

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By Street Food Adda

If you are a traveller and enjoy exploring that place with its food then you will more than understand what a street food lover is. We went about the city of Mumbai and lived through its snack. A city that lives a fast life that every second counts. No one’s got time to sit and have food. A city in which you can even catch a CEO and peon breaking on cups of cutting at the same tappri. As much this amazing city speaks of its helping, barrier breaking, real still dreamy and fast paced culture it also is a street snack hub.


Every person in Mumbai sure doesn’t have time for self but to grab a bite of Vada Pav. A potato ball with three type of chutneys and fried chilly pressed in a bun pav. A snack that was invented on a railway station in Mumbai is now the brand ambassador of Mumbai food. With outlets like Jumbo and other small mushroomed shops through the city are practically every where just like Patanjali.And yes don’t forget to couple it with a cutting chai for best results.

Pani Puri

India is a sensory over load and Mumbai is a cosmopolitan even in food. If you are in Mumbai and haven’t had pani puri at Juhu beach then all your senses missed a treat of a kind. A snack that is famous through India with various names has its own taste accent here. Boiled chickpeas, potato and onion work its magic with puffed puri and spiced water. So much so that even babies don’t worry of chills.
If it doesn’t melt in mouth it’s not Puran Polli. You heard it right it is a sweet lentil filled flat bread. And so soft that it just melts in your mouth. You can find packs of 4to 6 Puran polli in each at any Kirana shop in Mumbai. A snack that can last from a couple of days to couple of weeks. Enjoy it with pickle or spicy curry.
Pav Bhaji has many stories of its origin. Some say natives wanted a nutritious and quick option to eat hence Pav Bhaji. Bombay cloth mills share claim on it, whereas a story go to the extent that Britishers asked their cooks to mix all leftover vegetable curries and serve with bun to staff and hence Pav Bhaji. Well we don’t know which to believe but end result is tasty as hell. A vegetable mix curry with generous amount of butter with pav, raw onion and lemon makes your day melt away.

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