ELP Food Fest- Review

food fest

By- Ruchika Singh

A larger than any weekend event seen so far was ELP food fest held at Expocentre,  Noida on 3-4th Nov 2017. With more than 100 outlets and more than 20 celebrity artist registering their presence, it was an food and entertainment extravaganza!

A festival with one after other live performances, cooking classes, and comedy shows, competitions and games, it was surely a weekend planned well.

The atmosphere was electric; while the venue was jam-packed with 20-25-year-olds along with a lot of black security to keep this huge crowd safe and secure, was well thought off. One immediate thing I felt was that the venue was too small to accommodate such huge crowd.

“Eat love party” is an understatement for this mammoth of an event.  When I entered this carnival first thing that noticed was a huge open-air movie screening being organised by T-series. Where movie buffs were parked with their hands and mouth filled with delicious food.  Food that was being served by the likes of Asian Fun, The Fine Food Cellars, Melodrama Modern Bistro, Oh So Stoned, Garam Dharam Dhaba Te Theka, British Bakers Street, Smoke on Water, Burnout food Truck, Lemoni, Ministry of Beer CP, Local, Flying Saucer, Made in Punjab, Bombay Bar, Baskin Robbins, Ministry of Beer Gurgaon, Grubtrotters, Lantern’s Kitchen n Bar, Candy Hut, After Stories, Khansama, Waffle Chowk, Sita Ram Diwan Chand’s Chole Bhature, Burger King, Tandoori Cafe, Hunger Times, Hunger Theka, Asian Curry, Bombae Deli, Shakeaholic, Pishori Chicken & Kebab, Raja Supari, Rasoi on Wheel Foundation, Saal the Flavour, Tilak Raj di Kulfi, Maka Maka, Sugar Ruffles, Naani Ki Matthi, The Gourment Shack, The Khatis, The Rolling Joint and this doesn’t end here, there was more. This impressive list of street food curation was a temptation that no tummy can resist.

I filled my belly with the yummy street food from Jain Caterers, Maka Maka Waffles and 24seven, which I enjoyed not just from the first bite but from the first sight. Another thing to be noticed was that no food item was priced less than Rs. 150 for street food dishes. Hmmm

shakes and waffles

One could hear loud laughter of crowd because there was a simultaneous Comedy festival being going on at the venue and additional tickets had to be bought for it. I didn’t regret buying those because it was more than worth it with Jaspreet Singh and Kunal Kamra tickling the funny bones. They were not the only comedians performing. There were other, equally hilarious and talented Sapan Verma, Neeti Palta, Anshu Mor, Vipul Goyal, Manish Tyagi, Abhishek Upmanyu, Nishant Suri, Angad Singh Ranyal, Appurv Gupta and Kishore Dayani.

Oh wait, it doesn’t end here they had an impressive lineup of celebrity artists – DJ Amit B, DJ Sumit Sethi, Guru Randhawa, DJ Ajay Nautiyal, Anhad Band, Nasya Band, Tarkash, Hardy Sandhu, Qareeb Ft Wajahat Hasan, Astitva Ft Salman Khan, Hiten Pawar, Suryaveer, Akhil Sachdeva, DJ Yogii and Project Bak.

Live performance at Elp food fest

We are sharing some pictures to show how we and others enjoyed this event—

elp food fest

nutella food items

pakode and chole on a pan

the bear bucket

Photo credit- Saksham Dhiman

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