Firangi Cafe Faridabad, Restaurant Review

Firangi Cafe restaurantBy- Madhu Gokaran

For few days, there had been a lot of excitement about this new place. Ideally one would give a restaurant or cafe few weeks to come in its grove, settle down, troubleshoot expected glitches before you review it. But my publisher at Street Food Adda insisted that I review- “Firangi Cafe” which recently opened its doors to the hungry crowd of Faridabad.

This also makes one wonder, don’t restaurants or cafes open and close in Faridabad almost every month? Her being aware of this reality and still recommending, made me anxious to find out what all the noise was this restaurant creating. Firangi Cafe restaurant came up on the main road in sector 28 of Faridabad. What strikes you about its location is that it’s not in a market instead it’s made its home amidst core residential area or “Kothi’s” /mansions cutting the extra crowd noise, with great accessibility.

The contemporary inside has an interior with the doodled wall, bronze pipes, some wall props and street lamp right in the center of the restaurant. This place has three types of seating arrangements so you can be comfortable either on a couch or a bench or a chair. Colour palette includes balmy yellow, wooden brown, white and grey.

firangi cafe restaurant

But wait what caught my eye here was that they have a grill and oven right in front, organized more like as a bar or a live counter, a rare treat you don’t find in many restaurants or a cafe. It’s a satisfying feeling to watch your food being loaded in an oven.

live serving counter and oven

Food is a sensory treat and this place struck the right note with its music and a big screen for you to enjoy live matches.

firangi cafe restaurant

So what about the Food?

The name explains a lot about its menu. With Indian, Italian, Chinese dishes there are options of fusion of Indian with Mexican, Morocco and more. Having said that, the menu gives enough choice for both experimenters and traditionalist.

What we ordered-


Brownie and Choco Chip Shake

Price- Rs 145

On the recommendation of a member of team Firangi Cafe, we ordered  Brownie and Choco chip shake. A right balance of sweetness with beloved chocolate made us happy.


1.Chandni Chowk to Mexico


golgappa with shots

Chandni Chowk to Mexico caught our eye when we started browsing through the Menu. Well, these were Golgappa shells- filled with sour cream, tangy salsa, and Mexican toppings. These Golgappa were accompanied with two types of water shots. This dish was just not an intriguing treat for your brain to imagine a hardcore Indian treat with Mexican touch, also extremely tasty. This first dish set high standards and it’s Highly recommended. Kunal Gera, think tank of Firangi Cafe explained to us how they came along the Idea and tried a western twist on Desi chatora’s love, our very own Golgappa and clubbed it with tangy shots.


Price-Rs 225

jackfruit kabab

Next in our order was Jacked. Jacked was a char-grilled jackfruit floret made in Desi ghee/clarified butter and freshly ground herbs. Jacked was a little dry to our taste may be a little more ghee ragada will make it melt in mouth. Jackfruit is one versatile ingredient that I believe is extremely underutilized in Indian restaurants and I was more than happy to find two dishes of Jackfruit on Firangi Cafes menu other dish being Jackfruit Biryani.


Cherry Margherita

Price-Rs 265

wood fired pizza

Since we were excited to find a live grill counter we decided to go with Pizza for mains and enjoyed the wait time watching our pizza being rolled, topped with cherry tomatoes, fresh tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. This was one wood-fired pizza I enjoyed eating and could match the consistency with some good modern cafes serving similar options. Margherita I believe, is easy and difficult at the same time. Since many loose the freshness of tomatoes in the sauce, here we were happy as it was fresh and the crust was crisp and thin. Drool Worthy!!


Fruit Ravioli
Price-Rs 165

fruit ravioli

Fruit Ravioli was mixed fruit ravioli on a bed of blueberry mascarpone topped with fruit compote.  This dish completely missed the mark, fat, and grease from mascarpone and compote did not go along with hot cakey fruit ravioli at all. I think the chef should rethink about this dish being on the menu altogether.

Overall Experience

Commend the team Firangi Cafe for taking a risk and coming up with an awesome experimental menu keeping all types of foodie in consideration.

The quantity of food served was sumptuous and filling. Also value for money!

Meal for 2- Rs. 1200
Location- Shop No 2, 183/1 Main Link Road, Sector 28, Faridabad, Haryana 121008
Rating- 4/5
Must-Have- Chandni Chowk to Mexico and Cherry Margherita
Service and Ambiance- Very friendly staff and ambiance was pleasant, intimate and very urban.
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