Horn Ok Please– Food Truck Festival Review

By- Ruchika Singh

It has happened to me many times that I have travelled almost for an hour, juggling through busy city lanes, just to reach a food truck and all because I love their food! Food trucks like to tweet their location and guess what, most trucks have a mile long line of foodies waiting for them to start serving. Ughh!

When I heard “Horn Ok Please” is returning to Delhi, it was just pure music to my ears.

It had already created a lot of buzz until the day they finally put an official signboard which read “we are open”. Social media was flooded with invitations, promotions, itinerary and publications were writing in anticipation almost every day. So much so that it felt like a teenage pop band crush, that you wait for, just to have a glimpse of.

This food truck Magna was held on the 4th and 5th of Nov at the Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium in Delhi. This also coincided with the weather turning pleasant since “winter is coming!”.

What was being served here was an awesomely huge variety of street food since this place had more than 40 food trucks lined to fill your always craving tummy to the brim. With likes of BBQonBike, Lalit food Truck, Burnout, Grubtrotters, Eggjactly and more this was a pure play food extravaganza.

One of the concepts that took my attention by collar was a waffle megathon. If you love the waffles this was the place to be. A menu of more than 50 varieties of waffles with Oodles of toppings just made my day.

Entertainment was up on the cards too with live performances and people buzzing to the rhythm of the music which meant more than one of our senses was in great pleasure.

The festival offered many photo booths and extremely enticing canopies, interesting decor and attention-grabbing spots to stand and admire. There were also the stands that catered handcrafted goodies, stationaries, accessories, and others. Complementing these stands, were the stalls serving homemade stuff which was very fresh and tasty.

One other thing that stood out, was the BARBEQUE that was hard to miss being a 60-foot long trailer. It wasn’t just long for the looks of it but served a huge amount of variety and left everyone amazed!

A food event can be called a success when you not only have a huge number of visitors but each of them going back with an experience that they want the world to know about.  I was particularly happy to have so many of my favourite cuisines and dishes served especially through the FOOD TRUCKS!

Well this happened with Horn Ok Please, with #hornokplease trending and people posting videos and images of what they liked. So we thought of showing you a glimpse of the festival through some pics:

barbeque stall

potato chips


cheese roll

alcohol lollies


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