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One of my favourite restaurants in Leeds is Bundobust and yet I’ve not posted about it on here before and I haven’t been in ages. In fact, I hadn’t even taken my husband there before this month, despite introducing a few other people to their amazing food. I figured this needed to change, so a couple of Sunday’s a go, after the husband had come to the gym with me (he had a steam while I worked out and swam), I finally popped his Bundobust cherry.

If you haven’t been to Bundobust before, it’s tucked away on Mill Hill in the centre of town and offers amazing vegetarian Indian Street Food. You can also get a selection of craft beers that I’m told are good, but as I don’t drink beer, I can’t confirm this. The dishes are small with the idea being that you can have a couple of different ones or share a few. However, they are also incredibly filling and I always leave absolutely stuffed, even if I only have one dish.

Despite sending the husband the menu a few days in advance, he was still looking for meat on the menu and had to confirm with me that it was, in fact, a vegetarian restaurant. Even though he is a confirmed carnivore, he is happy to eat veggie – or at least puts up with it – as I’m a pescetarian and do most of the cooking. This is also why I love Bundobust, as there is so much on offer, I know I can eat it all and mushrooms aren’t just shoved in every dish.

In the end, we ordered the Vada Pav for the husband, Bundo Chaat for me and Okra Fries to “share”. We also each had a mango lassi, which is my go-to choice at Bundobust as it’s like having a drink in dessert form and always tastes super fresh. While the husband didn’t like the sprinkles that go on top – I ended up with extra after he scooped them off he liked the drink itself .

It was fairly busy when we went, so we did end up having to wait a while for our food. Usually I’m fine with this as I appreciate everything is made to order, but I was starving after the gym and we had to sit near the door because all the top tables were packed so the husband moaned a few times about being cold (he is a big baby for the cold though).  Luckily, the mango lassi is so thick, it helps to tied you over.

When the food arrived, I was – as ever – impressed with it. The okra fries are genuinely one of my favourite things anyway and they were just as good as I remember them – as well as being much better than my home attempts. They have just enough of the coating to make the outside crispy but keep the middle nice and soft, while the mix of flavours is amazing and has just enough spice without being too hot.

I always say I’m going to order something different, but the Bundo Chaat calls to me. It’s a cold dish with yoghurt and the best tamarind chutney I’ve ever tasted. This is combined with chickpeas, potato and onion, while turmeric noodles and samosa pastry add a really nice crunch to it. While the tamarind chutney has some heat, the yoghurt balances it out so the whole dish is actually really refreshing. It’s perfect in summer but I’ll happily eat it any time.

The husband’s burger looked really nice and colourful but I didn’t taste it. When I asked him how it was, he told me it was nice, a bit spicey and not meat, which I think about sums up his food reviewing style. It did fill him up though, so that’s always a good sign. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a fan of the okra fries, but he did have a taste of my Bundo Chaat and liked that.

With extra okra fries to get through, I couldn’t manage them on my own but the staff were nice enough to package them up for me to take home and I can confirm that they taste just as good cold.

I’ve now promised to bring my mum to Bundobust when she next visits as she loves both Indian food and vegetarian restaurants. I think I’ll have to send the husband and my dad off for a more meaty meal though.

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