Nutshell Delhi (Full Day Delhi Tour)

When-Thu, 9 Nov 8:00AM – 9:30PM + more dates
Ticket-Rs 9387

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Travellers who want to grab everything in a single package approach us for the best itineraries and inclusions throughout the year. For them we have designed packages, paying attention to every minute detail and ensuring that they will get the most of their journey.
The best way to make the most of the entire city in a single day. Starting from Old Delhi, ‘Shahjahanabad’, the walled city, the journey commences through an afternoon session which covers New Delhi’s famous locations. Inclusive of transport and food, the trip meets all the needs of a traveller who wants a package.

Location: Delhi comprises Old Delhi, the majestic city built by Shah Jahan as his capital and New Delhi, the administrative capital built by the British government which features the modern life and immigrant culture.

Meeting Point: Hotel Lobby

Activity: Walks to Markets, Visits to places of worship. Visits to places of importance, Practising rituals, Some Photography, Some street food tasting, Breakfast with local friends, A few hidden treasures, Spending time with local friends, Lunch with local friends, Roaming Delhi in a private vehicle


  • 08:00 hrs: Breakfast with local friends
  • 08:30 hrs: Tour of Old Delhi with a local friend
  • 13:00 hrs: Lunch with local friends
  • 13:30 hrs: Tour of Akshardham Temple
  • 16:00 hrs: Photo Walk of Humayun’s tomb
  • 17:00 hrs: Sufi culture experience at Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah
  • 21:00 hrs: Wind up with a visit to India Gate.

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