Palak Patta Chaat Recipe by Arun Sundararaj 

Chef: Arun Sundararaj Restaurant: Varq, The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi

Recipe Servings: 6Cook

Time: 20 Minutes

A lovely chaat made with spinach, drizzled with chutneys and sprinkled with masalas.


1 kg spinach

5 gm salt

10 gm degi mirch powder

5 gm pounded coriander seeds

5 gm chaat masala

5 gm bishop seeds

2 gm black salt

150 gm gram flour

100 gm corn flour

5 gm turmeric powder

3 gm black chaat masala

75 ml aamchoor chutney

10 gm coriander powder

1 ltr oil

MethodRemove stalks and wash the spinach leaves 2-3 times.Dry the leaves and roughly cut the leaves leaving 3-4 big ones for plating.Sprinkle salt on the leaves and leave for 10-15 minutes.Squeeze out salt water from the leaves and roll in some corn flour to make them dry.Mix chopped spinach with besan, cornflour, ajwin, salt, crushed coriander seeds, degi chilly powder, black salt, coriander powder and make a thick batter.Now make small marble sized balls with the thick batter and fry them till 70% done.Take them out from the oil and let it rest and then fry again to make them crisp.Dip the bigger leaves individually into thin gram flour batter and fry them crisp.Take out the balls sprinkle some chaat masala and then toss it with amchoor chutney and plate beautifully.

Source: Palak Patta Chaat Recipe by Arun Sundararaj – NDTV Food

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