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the town cafe

ByMadhu Gokarnan

The Town cafe opened its doors to Faridabad’s hungry foodies few months ago, but we waited so long before we decided to review it. The food scene in Faridabad had been very volatile since last few years as restaurants and eateries open with a lot of fanfare but very soon fade away or shut down altogether.Some fail to impress a crowd that flocks to Delhi or Gurgaon’s hep places, some fail to appeal to sentiments of those who only believe in takeaways, because people in this city are in love of this concept. Rest fade away in the red balance sheets. But those who ace it all stick around and for long. So it is not a bad option to visit or review restaurants in this busy city of Haryana a few months after its opening. To see if it has been able to hold interest of this mixed crowd of food conservative and experimental.

The town cafe

The Town cafe is a consequence of dearth of places to hangout for college students and friends. There are many cuisines they could have chosen when they decided to open this place in sector 12 of Faridabad. Decision to go ahead with Indian cuisine may have been a smart move as its a crowd puller in India but how they managed to stir clear of kebabs and kofta’s was to carve a little space for themselves. Long story short The Town Cafe Celebrates quick bites i.e. most popular snack food served with class.

Interior of this new restaurant had been talk of the town for a while as it reminds Faridabadies of some of the most appealing hangout places. Situated in a swanky building of Ozone Center, will reminisce you of any city’s Town Center. Interior is a mix of browns and blacks. Filament bulbs setting the mood for a get together. Old Hollywood movie posters framed on walls (007 and Pulpification are standouts).  A look down balcony keeps upstairs still connected with the laughter downstairs.

Menu is short and sweet divided two parts i.e. Food and drinks. I will describe our food journey at The Town Cafe begin starting with food menu. You will find burgers, soups, subs, Indian snacks, pizzas, pastas, various types of beads, Chinese, Lebanese, soya specialities, waffles and more a perfect menu to gossip, kill time, and munch on when friends are spending some purani jeans moments. While to accompany these were some very interesting Ale shots, fruit beer, hot and cold coffee’s, shakes, mocktails and soft drinks.

It wasn’t difficult to point out, what we wanted to eat and to order that we had a remote to call the service. Yup you heard it right no one to bother you when you don’t want any interference of the waiter on the table.

remote service

We ordered cheese rolls and to our surprise it was served in a truck. Which made us takeout our cameras and you can guess where all those pics went, right on our Insta handles. These bite sized rolls lived upto there name Cheeselicious! Rolls were oozing with cheese and some veg’s. Outer layer was crisp. But the quantity was too less for two people.

With our cheese rolls we ordered Oreo shake which was very much what any oreo lover would want it to be. Granular drink was just bang on.

oreo shake

Following it was Foot long with Ginger Ale shots. Bread was again comforting soft with dollop of cheese melting hot, seasoned with herbs and black paper while for me Ginger Ale shots were the highlight of the restaurant. These shot have other varieties like blue moon shot and Gulkand shot .

Bread and cheese

Next we went with the staff recommendation and ordered Food factory pizza. They give you option to choose shape of our pizza and we happily zeroed on Heart shape. Yes all you love birds they serve heart shaped pizza. So next time you think of a date you know where to head with your partner. As the excitement build to see this heart we were delighted it was picture perfect delight.

heart shaped pizza

And to wet our throats some fruit beer.  But this is the only bump in The Town cafe journey beer was too sweet for our liking and to our surprise even pizza was sweet. A little experiment with type of cheese they use for each dish will make all the difference we need to make the difference.

Ginger ale and fruit beer

Let down- Food is costly for the quantity served, food in terms of taste is not extra ordinary, not many option for dinner meal and service is average.

What to look out for- Great ambience, good music, free wifi, good location

It is an honest review of a foodie who visits a restaurant as a customer, they didn’t we are going to write about them.

Must Have: Shots especially Ginger Ale

Meal for 2: Rs. 1000 for a filling meal

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Location: Unit 7, Ground Floor, Ozone Centre, Near Town Park, Sector 12, Faridabad

Official Site-thetowncafe


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