32nd International Craft Fair Surajkund Mela 2018-Historic Importance

surajkund mela

By Madhu Gokaran 

32nd Surajkund Mela 2018.Every year the first day of February marks the beginning of the largest fest of the national capital and biggest international crafts mela. This year the Magna event opens to the general public from 2nd to 18th February 2018. Surajkund Mela is here with the biggest and original food and handicraft variety of all time. A unique and one of its kind fair organised to showcase a rich heritage, culture, handloom and art by not just Indian’s but by world citizens coming from various parts of the world. A fair that is a melting point of Indian and world culture. A place where you expose yourself to an artist from the posh modern culture of cities like New Delhi and New York to one coming from the Jungles of Chattisghar showcasing his or her proudly preserved Tribal culture.

Foodies- what to expect?

food tawa

A fair that caters to all your senses along with soul. It doesn’t end with art and craft but it takes care of your tummy like no other fair. A special food court is built every year right in the centre of the fair. This circular food court is ornated with best of decorations and seating arrangements, unlike other fairs where finding a seating for your little one or senior citizen is a fight. What they serve here is crave-worthy and authentic. Authentic Rajasthani Thali, Punjab Pinds delicacy, Jaleba– a jalebi wherein spirals are stuffed with panner, and much more. This food court doesn’t forget the little ones and serves best of the fast foods as well. A place where every foodie arises satisfied and filled to the brim. So don’t forget to grab your chatpata churan/digestives because they do many varieties in it too.

As old As Stone Age

Since I had been attending this fair almost every year I thought of getting into the origin of this fair. I was inquisitive who brought this fair into exciting and why?

surajkund mela

Surajkund literally means suns bowl. Surajkund is an ancient 10th-century reservoir surrounded by The Aravali range near Surajkund village in Faridabad city of Haryana state in India. It is believed to have been built by King Suraj Pal of Tomar dynasty in the 10th century. He was believed to have been an ardent believer of Sun god and hence had also build Sun temple on lake’s western bank. Though archaeological surveys have also revealed stone age connections with relics being found of great importance.


Haryana Government realised the historic and cultural importance of this site quite early in independent India. Haryana government has developed this site as a tourist destination and started organizing Surajkund Mela. The year 2018 will be witness to 32nd Surajkund Mela in its full glory.


A road through The Aravali hills leads to Surajkund from both directions i.e. Delhi and Faridabad. This road is decorated with lights to a long distance. Security is kept tight, air patrolling is done by Haryana police to ensure peace and sense of security. Huge parking areas are marked. And posh hotels beside Surajkund like Taj Vivanta, Portico and more welcome foreign and domestic tourists with red carpet.

A special attention is given to the senior and specially-abled citizens caring for the enjoyment of all. And kids and adults enjoy a number of joy rides and fair spots reminding you of childhood.

Fair has a minimal entry fee of Rs. 120 on weekdays and Rs 180 on the weekend which can be bought at ticket counters or from popular ticketing portals.

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